Topic: “Remove White Mold on Furniture“, White mold is among the most common household nuisance and grows almost anywhere, where conditions are ideal.

Ideal conditions include the damp and humid environment, water damage, leakage and sufficient organic matter to feed on.

White molds are usually the first kinds to grow, they change color and appearance after they mature.

Furniture is very ideal for mold growth because it has plenty of organic matter on which molds can feed on.

Mold, however, release spores and can cause mycotoxin poisoning. Inhaling these spores can cause a range of health problems.

Health risks include a headache, fatigue, lung infections, cancer and even death on rare occasions.

The mold must, therefore, be immediately removed if found growing in your home and if you or your family shows signs or symptoms of mold poisoning, it is advisable to get expert help immediately.

This is because white mold may be growing on your furniture and you may not know it is there, experts can perform mold tests and find out any hidden mold in your home.

There are different ways to remove molds from different kinds of furniture. Some of the ways are listed below.

Tips to Remove White Mold on Furniture:

The first step is to take the furniture outside because the mold spores may spread inside the house and cause mold growth somewhere else.

Next, clean the furniture and locate all the mold on it. Try to remove the mold with a vacuum cleaner. This should pull out all the spores from the upholstering.

Now use vinegar, detergent or bleach (on a sponge that is slightly damp) and wipe off any remaining mold. An anti-fungal spray may also be used for better effects.

Now wipe the entire furniture with a damp cloth to remove any harmful agents from the furniture.

Moreover, do not place the furniture right back in. The absorbed moisture may cause more mold growth, leave the furniture out in the sun. Only place it back inside when it is completely dry.

Take the furniture outside to keep the home free from any mold or spores. Wipe off all the mold that you find on the furniture.

Now wash the furniture with soapy water. Do not directly apply soap water on the furniture as it may damage the polish or the finish of your furniture.

Soak a towel or an absorbent cloth with the soapy water and wipe off all the mold that you can find.

You can also use commercially available mold removal sprays that give better results because molds may even have roots growing within the wooden surface.

Once you have completely washed (cleaned) the furniture and all the mold has been successfully removed, you can leave the furniture to dry.

Direct intense sunlight may damage the furniture, another alternative is to use a dry absorbent cloth to clean the furniture completely. Once completely dry, you can take the furniture back inside.

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