Molds normally have a very light (or white) color when they start growing but they attain a darker color as they mature. Red mold is a kind of partially mature mold that is mostly found growing in the bathroom.

Bathrooms are places where there is plenty of moisture and the tiles and shower cabinets are very prone to have molds growing on them.

Red molds growing on such places can be easily removed at home.

How to get rid of Red Mold

When you plan to remove it yourself, be sure to wear proper protection because molds should not touch your skin under any case and you will be dealing with harsh chemicals.

Wear gloves, full sleeves clothes and cover most of your skin, goggles also help against spores that cause eye irritation.

Bleach is very effective against molds that grow on hard and non-porous surfaces like tiles, bathroom sinks, and shower cabinets.

How to kill mold

Red mold mostly grows on non-porous surfaces but if it grows on porous surfaces such as wooden cabinets or hard boards, then mold removal sprays are the most effective agents against it.

Vinegar, Borax, and ammonia are also readily available treatments for old growth in the bathroom.

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