Topic: “Black Mold Test“. Black mold is usually the most mature form of molds that grow around your home. Needless to say, a mold is not only unpleasant but also has many health risks associated with it.

Continuous exposure to black molds is known to cause a number of health-related issues including persistent headaches, lung diseases and in some cases, even death.

While this is true, it has been emphasized on enough that black molds need to be treated immediately.

Professional mold treatment and mold testing is usually very expensive and can cost up to $6000 starting from at least $600.

Since mold presence is not only a domestic issue. One should always keep an eye for molds around the house and there are the number of ways to test for black mold;

Black Mold Test By Sight and Smell

The first thing that should concern you about mold growth is your basic instincts of sight and smell.

Molds in their early stages are white and cotton-like. They occur in places that are moist, humid and have plenty of organic matter (on which molds feed).

After the mold has been around for a while, it attains a black or generally dark color, this is your first indication of molds.

Molds can find mostly in places such as under the mattress or inside the walls and cupboards, therefore may not be easily visible.

If that is so, one can identify molds from their characteristic smell. Molds generally have a musty and unpleasant smell.

This smell should help you be aware of the presence of molds. If you still doubt the presence of molds or simply can’t find it, there are two ways to deal with the problem;

Professional Mold Testing

As said earlier, professional mold testing can cost a considerable amount but on the bright side, experts are usually the most reliable.

Professional take air samples from your house and test these samples for molds. Molds release spores and these spores are present in the air.

Once you test the air, the spores show up and mold presence along with the amount of mold around the house can determine.

Mold Testing at Home Using Test Kit

The simplest and cheapest way to deal with the mold testing problem is to use one of those commercially available mold testing kits.

These DIY kits allow you to take air or mold samples and these samples are then sent to a mold testing laboratory.

The laboratory results show the mold presence and quantity.

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