Topic: “Black Mold Pictures“, Black molds have been quite an issue in most homes for quite a while now and their removal and treatment are an even bigger issue.

This is primarily because professional mold removal is extremely costly and hard on your budget. Secondly, because black molds have very serious health risks associated with them.

Black molds can cause fatigue, lung infections, headaches and even cancer depending on the amount of exposure and type of mold that one is being exposed to.

It is therefore essential to identify molds and know what they look like, how they can be removed, when professional help is needed and when not, and how to treat its symptoms.

Properties of Black Mold


Black molds are better known as Stachybotrys (scientifically). It is a poisonous species of fungus that grow in moist and humid places and dwell on the organic matter.

Black molds release spores that contain mycotoxins, mycotoxins have a number of health risks associated with them;

  • They are immunosuppressive
  • Can cause cancer
  • They can cause lung diseases and toxicity

When molds release spores, they are present in the air and can enter our body through the air we breathe.

It is therefore not uncommon to be affected if molds are present in the home.

Appearance | Pictures

Molds, when they newly start growth, are white in color and have a white cotton-like structure which can, in fact, be confused with efflorescence.

Efflorescence also occurs in places of moisture and hence your house is potentially prone to mold growth if there is efflorescence, it is to be taken care of.

When molds are in a fully mature form, they have a darker color and are then referred to as black molds.

Black molds have a velvety texture from the top and are often threadlike as well. They are not hard to identify.

Molds mostly grow in places like under the mattress, under the carpet, inside walls and insulation, inside cupboards and wardrobes and on furniture.

Removal / Remediation

As said earlier, the health risks of black molds can range from very benign and subtle to very dangerous. Removal of molds is, therefore, an essential.

You can choose to have molds growing in your home professionally removed or you may do it yourself.

Professional mold remediation can cost up to $6000 depending on the amount of mold growth.

Domestic methods of mold removal include removal by vinegar, borax, ammonia and mold removal sprays.

But if there is a serious mold removal situation, it is better to have it professionally removed. Comment us if you likeĀ Black Mold Pictures, Let us help you to clean your house.

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