Topic: “Black Mold Look like“, Black mold is a kind of fungus that grows in places where there is a lot of moisture. Black molds feed on organic matter and this means there is a multitude of possibilities of where they can grow in the house.

Black molds can be found in places like the bathroom on tiles and shower cabinets, kitchen sinks and marble, wooden cabinets, under the carpet and under the mattress etc.

However, molds can also grow in more hidden places like air ducts, cooling plates, drains and inside walls on the insulation.

However, the mold may also be very easily confused with something else, therefore it is important to be educated on what black mold looks like.

Black mold is more important because it is the most common in the house, also it is important to know because molds can be dangerous at times.

Health Risks of Molds/ Why Should You Know Black Mold Look like

Some molds are relatively harmless, they don’t do much hard but can cause allergy whereas other molds can cause a range of diseases.

Health risks can include cancer, respiratory infections, headaches, vomiting and sometimes even death.

Mold Types

Molds can occur in a range of colors, black, blue, white, green and even red.

Black molds are originally white and have a cotton-like texture. This is the earliest stage of mold growth but as it matures, it becomes black.

Black molds are very characteristic, they occur in those parts of the home that most moisture and humidity.

If you are looking for mold around the home, the best way to start is to look around in the places that have the most moisture.

This includes bathrooms, kitchen, drains and cooling plates or condensers.

Black mold almost always has a velvety texture, but this can differ from one surface to another.

Mold Look Like on Wood

It can look like a wooden patch that is hard to identify from wooden patterns.

Mold Look Like Concrete

can look like thick spores of black or green that grow in colonies.

One way to identify mold is to smell it. Mold usually has a very unpleasant and pungent odor.

Mold In Shower

Shower Molds can easily grow in washrooms because of humid & water, it is easier to identify because of its appearance of dark spores growing on a moisture exposed side.

Some types of molds are toxic, but some are not. If you have found mold, it is advisable to send it to a lab to test for toxins present.

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  1. Sara

    My house surrounded by mold same like you shared pics on wood. Floors having mold. Is there any way to remediate at home or I’m supposed to call for professional help?

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