Topic: “What Does Mold Smell Like”, Mold usually has a very musty smell associated with a moist and humid environment. If you smell something musty around your home, then it can most probably mean that there is mold growing somewhere in there.

Some molds are also odorless, and it can be harder to identify such molds because they grow silently.

What Does Mold Smell LikeWhy Does Mold Smell?

Molds release spores and these spores diffuse in the air in your home. These molds contain Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds.

What Does Mold Smell LikeThese organic compounds have the musty smell that is characteristic with molds. Most molds do not have any smell because these organic compounds are odorless for them.

But most molds do have a characteristic smell and if you smell something musty around your place then a mold could be a strong reason.

How to Identify Mold from a Smell

The first thing that should absorb your concern is the musty smell, if you smell it then you should look around for mold.

Molds are usually hidden in places such as under the carpet, under the mattress and inside walls.

If you live in a moist and humid environment, then a mold is your most probable issue. If this is so, it is important for you and your family’s well being that you locate the mold and get rid of it.

The first step should be to try and find the mold yourself. This could be near the place where the smell is strongest.

If you can’t seem to find it then the best recommendation is to get expert help. Experts are usually the safest and most convenient way to get rid of mold.

Here are Some Mold Removal Companies Around US

Location Website Contact Number
Minnesota (612) 597-5970
Florida 352-388-5554
Saint John NA
Boston 413-300-1177
Olympia 360 754-6087
Portland (503) 754-2590
California 1.858.999.6292
South Carolina 843-310-0110
Long Island 516-888-5512
NJ (732) 455-2603
Minneapolis mn NA
Brooklyn (800) 259-5584

Smelling is not a sufficient indicator to be sure of mold growth. You may smell mold somewhere or you may see it somewhere but only experts can find hidden mold.

Hope you get enough knowledge on What Does Mold Smell Like, Use experts help to clean your home as soon as possible. Find more remediation companies by using the search tab.

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  1. Shilla Wattey

    There are black spots under my mattress, i am not sure whether it is mold or not. I will share pictures with you please help me out.


    1. Natalie Eilee Article Author

      Hi @Shilla Wattey thanks for your visit, It is definitely mold. Go for remediation.

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