Topic: “Signs of Mold“. Molds and fungus have been one of the most common American problems lately. That means that without knowing, you may be being affected by it.

Molds grow in places which are moist and humid and have sufficient organic feeding matter nearby.

These places could be almost anywhere in your home. From floorboards, carpets, walls, ceilings, and attics. One can expect mold growth in the most unexpected places.

However, you may always not be aware of mold growth. It is, therefore, necessary to have certain measures to be sure that there’s fungus around your house.

Merely knowing that you have molds in your home can be a big plus because then you know what to do about it and you’re on your way to a safer living.

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Modern buildings have a concealed structure which means that mold chances are higher. Drywalls, wallpapers, insulations, and fabrics on the walls give a concealed environment.

Whereas domestic appliances such as dishwashers, water dispensers, washing machines and dryers produce water vapor hence giving molds a more ideal environment for growing.

Signs of mold around your house:

As said above, if you live in a home or building where there may be water leakage or the building has been water damaged at some time, then you shouldn’t be surprised by molds.

Signs of Mold

Moreover, if your home has been previously affected by molds then chances are that the roots are still there, which increases chances of mold growth.

However, here are a few Signs of Mold that may suggest that mold grows around your home.

A smell of mold growth

Different types of molds smell differently and if you smell something different or if you get a weird damp smell every time you enter, it’s always a good idea not to ignore it.

Be on top with your research on what kind of smells could mean mold growth and if you anticipate molds, always be sure to have a mold inspection for your place.

Seeing Molds

You could see a very small amount of mold growing and that certainly does not mean it’s the only mold.

There are different kinds of mold, it may have a green or black velvety texture or something towel like. Other molds can also have a thread or cotton-like texture.

Signs of Mold

Seeing molds should be enough a Signs of Mold to get a molds inspection and removal.

Water Issues and Leaks

If your place is or was water damaged, and the walls have been consistently having water issues then it could be quite possible that your house suffers from mold growth.

If your walls seep water then again it is very likely that there’s mold on the inside if not the outside, under such a situation, make sure to consult experts and have it removed, or learn how to remove black mold by yourself.

Water issues do not have to be recent for mold activity, past flooding causes the walls to absorb water and possibly cause condensation. This can have long-lasting effects.

These effects not only cause the paint to chip off but also cause mold growth.

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