Today’s topic; “Mold Removal Cost“, Mold is a common household issue if you live in a place that is subject to constant water problems.

Seepage, water damage, water leakage, water blockades and in almost all cases, water vapors in moist and humid environments can cause molds.

In some cases, molds grow in small amounts in the bathroom on the tiles or the shower cabinet. Wooden cupboards and wardrobes also often have mold issues

Mold remediation means to remove mold. There are mold experts and mold remediation companies that can do this for you.

If the problem is small, you may even take care of it yourself at home for as little as half a dollar but there are times when the problem is big enough to be left to the experts.

When to Call the Mold Remediation Experts

Depending on how much mold you have, you can choose how to have it removed. Mold remediation companies can help you with even a small patch or a whole basement.

If the problem isn’t too large, it is advisable to do it yourself because mold remediation is an expensive affair.

But if your house has been subject to flooding or a water pipe burst in your basement while you were at work, then the water could have damaged a lot.

In this case, you may find it reasonable to not take matters into your own hands.

Mold Remediation Cost Calculator

Basic Better Best
Mold Removal – Material Prices $25.00 – $30.00 $35.00 – $45.00 $50.00 – $55.00
Mold Removal – Cost $475.00 – $525.00 $575.00 – $635.00 $675.00 – $725.00
Mold Removal – Total $500.00 – $555.00 $610.00 – $680.00 $725.00 – $780.00
Mold Removal – Total Average Cost $5.28 $6.45 $7.53

Enter your state zip code and area per square feet and get a basic idea about mold removal cost, In this calculator, you will get three types of removal;

  1. Basic
  2. Better
  3. Best

According to the first section, the remediation company will find mold in your house and remove it. But do not assure you whether it will reoccur next time or not. Because mold is like a micro plant which has roots. If you do not remove it from its roots then it will grow again by the passage of time.

So, if you want the best solutions you must ask your removal company will it re-grow again or not and must go for the best solution no matter it is costly.

Basement Mold Removal Cost

The mold problem in basements can go from being extremely trivial to extremely large, therefore there is actually no fixed cost of removing mold from the basement.

To start with, the average mold remediation cost of a basement is between $500 and $6000 but there is really no upper limit.

If the mold largely penetrates through the walls, and the infrastructure has gone weak due to extensive and prolonged mold then costs can go much higher.

These severe circumstances arise due to problems of larger magnitudes, average rainfall leaks or a leaking pipe will cost less than $1000 in most cases.

But if your basement is infected with mold due to a flood or a pipe that burst while you were away on vacation then the abatement costs can soar to much higher values.

In case as above where there has been standing water for too long in an enclosed space, you might even be on your way to pay up to $30,000 for mold removal and structure restoration.

In case of basements, it is often wise to get professional help because not all mold is visible and this may cause a problem in the longer run if you fix it at home.

Bathroom Mold Removal Cost

Mold removal companies are often involved in a domestic mold when the problem is fairly large or out of hand.

In most cases, people tend to fix the issue through commercially available mold removal sprays.

However, certain households also involve abatement companies even on smaller problems. Therefore, according to surveys, the average cost of mold removal can vary largely.

In almost all cases, if the mold is limited to the bathroom only, then the mold removal cost can fall anywhere between $500 and $5000.

The difference depends on how bad your mold problem is. If there is just a tiny speck of mold growing somewhere on the walls, then the company won’t charge much.

In this case, they will simply dehumidify the environment and clean off any mold. This should cost towards the lower range, still depending on the services taken, you would anything between $500 and $1000 for a problem of this trivial magnitude.

Other larger problems include a completely water damaged wall, this would require expert attention, and this can, in fact, cost towards the higher side of the budget.

One should expect to pay anything higher than $3000 for such kind of a service.

Cost of Mold Remediation per Square Foot

Mold removal in most cases just depends on where the mold is to be removed. For instance, if you get a crawl space cleaned for mold, you end up paying something around $500.

But if you were to clean an entire attic and dehumidify it, you should expect your cost to go up to around $4000.

Similarly, mold removal from carpets and other fabrics can be much more expensive and this cost may in some extreme cases go up to $10,000.

Given these facts, one can tell that the cost of removing mold simply depends on the nature of the problem.

However, in general, mold is removed from basements, bathrooms, walls and other places in the home.

If the estimate is brought down to an average, then one can say that the average cost of mold removal per square foot is $0.65 and $0.85.

However, this number is just the roughest average. An expert mold remover can be hired for anything between $270 and $350 so this cost is added to the removal.

Before taking services, one should be aware of all the costs involved in mold removal.

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