In today’s world, it is not uncommon to acquire fungal diseases when there can be so much exposure to fungus and molds.

Molds are a kind of fungus that readily cause fungal infections and diseases. Most of these infections cannot simply be cured by antibiotics.

In order for you to get a suitable treatment, you need to understand what kind of infection you have and that makes it easier to understand a treatment.

Common Fungal Diseases:

Here are a few common fungal diseases mostly caused by usual exposure to molds and spores.


It is caused by Aspergillus.

People with a weak immune system and lung diseases are more prone to it than healthy adults.


It is caused by the fungus, Blastomyces.

Blastomyces usually infects soils in moist and humid weathers, mostly in the US and Canada.


It is caused by the fungus, Candida, found in yeast.

The disease shows symptoms in mouth, throat, vagina, and bloodstream.

Candida Auris

Comes from multiple kinds of fungus with the disadvantage of being resistant to most drugs.

Not responding to many drugs is a major setback because such diseases tend to stay and grow and are very hard to treat.

Learn more about Candida Auris

Neoformans Infection

It is usually found in people who, apart from having just a weak immune system, also have sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids and HIV.

This is because certain diseases change the body’s immunity mechanism and one is most prone to diseases and infections after that.

Fungal Nail Infections

Very common in finger nails and toe nails, this infection although has multiple treatments available, it is very persistent.

Nail infections usually take a long time to heal hence medication should be started as soon as the infection is diagnosed.

Ring Worm

Caused by multiple kinds of fungus and appears as a circular rash on the skin.

It can be cured with basic medication.

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