To detox basically means to cleanse your body from anything unwanted. There are detox methods to remove nicotine, alcohol, narcotics and most all other agents from the body.

Mold detox, however, is more or less the same process just through a different approach. Before we dive into the process, it is essential to know why we need a detox.

Why Do You Need Detox?

Mold spores that we are exposed to leave a mycotoxin content in our body, this is basically mold poison, and it causes all the health issues that are prevalent through mold sickness.

Mold sickness does not go away from conventional medicine, and this is largely due to the fact that the mycotoxins are still in our body and they are causing all the problems.

To get rid of mold sickness, you need to first bring your mold exposure down to zero and after that, the mycotoxins slowly wash out of the body.

But in some cases, after the exposure has stopped, there may be a large amount of mycotoxin build up and this can keep causing problems.

Gladly enough, there are ways to go about speeding the process.

How to Remove Mold from Your Body

Mold detox is an efficient way to speed up the exit of mycotoxins from the body. Through detox, one removes all unwanted mycotoxins and their effects from the body.

There is not one way to detox your body but here is a convenient list that you can follow to detox your body from molds.

1- Drinking Lots of Water

As simple as it may sound, drinking water is a great way to detox because it increases urination.

A regular eight glasses of water a day is normally advised but you can always take the numbers up to a still reasonable figure of 11 or 12 glasses of water a day.

Urination is a quick and efficient way to get rid of unwanted agents present in the blood.

Not only does it help to get rid of mold toxins, but also other toxins present in the body.

2- Use Air Purifier

In order to make detox efficient after remediation of any mold present, it is important to clean the environment off of any spores that may have been released earlier.

You don’t always need expensive air purification machines or professional equipment, but you can always get an air purification candle.

Candles work like scented candles that not only give a pleasant environment but also work against the toxins in the air. This is an effective part of the detox process.

3- Excercise (Rebounding)

Rebounding is a form of exercise, but it has been emphasized more here because it is relatively more efficient than regular exercising.

The basic idea here is that you need to sweat to remove toxins from your body. Even if you are drinking loads of water, it does not supplement sweating.

Regular exercise gives enough sweat for the everyday detox on an average, but if you are trying to get rid of mycotoxins from the body, you need something a bit more rigorous.

Rebounding not only makes you sweat but also strengthens your immune system. This largely contributes to the healing process that detox is part of.

4- Laundry Additives

Spores can very conveniently be absorbed into fabrics and garments which itself requires some vigilant effort because mycotoxins in clothes are a constant source of mold poisons.

Regular laundry detergent doesn’t always fix the problem here because you need some kind of additives to specifically get rid of spores from fabrics.

Laundry additives are commercially available that you can use to get rid of these toxins that you otherwise are constantly exposed to.

5- Sinus Rinse

A sinus rinse means to completely wash/rinse the nasal cavity because spores can easily fly up through breathing and be a constant irritation.

A sinus rinse system can be used to be efficient in the process and in case of a prevailing mold sickness, it is advised to perform a sinus rinse twice a day for a prolonged period.

6- Medication (PhytoZon)

Phytozon is a supplement that can be taken as a measure of healthy living. It not only detoxes your body but also helps largely in maintaining a healthy body cycle.

It helps get rid of toxins and repairs disrupted body functions. PhytoZon can be ordered online or purchased from your nearest pharmacy.

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    I was exposed to mildew and fungus in my apt for 6 years; stayed sick every day and the doctors never mention this might had been the cause of my being sick every day. I didn’t realize it until I moved out and 3 days later I could breathe easier, and I wasn’t throwing up in the a.m. anymore. I been out of that apt now for 8 days, my nurse said it could take two or three weeks to get the toxins out of my system.

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