Topic: “Mold Sickness“. Molds usually occur in damp and moist places that have a correct supply of oxygen and are a common household nuisance.

Molds are usually quite often found on ceiling tiles, walls, carpets, and other moist places, they feed on organic materials.

There are a number of molds and all kinds have a different kind of toxic and poison composition. Needless to say, they can be quite dangerous at times.

Treating molds is a very important practice and getting rid of them should be done without a second thought because molds can cause a number of health risks.

One may not directly be affected by the mold that grows under their floorboards but molds release spores and if inhaled, a certain quantity can even cause death.

Most Molds cause “Mold sickness” which is a very concerning situation because conventional medicinal practices do not treat mold sickness.

To highlight the importance of why one should readily treat molds, the symptoms and diagnosis of Mold sickness have been listed below,

What is Mold sickness?

Mold Toxicity (mycotoxins) also is known as Mold sickness is basically a kind of biotoxin sickness also called as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is an acute and chronic sickness caused by exposure to water-damaged buildings that have mold growing inside. The molds release spores and without knowing, one may be inhaling these spores, and this can be highly dangerous at times.

Medical research tells that 24 percent of people are affected by molds because their bodies do not produce enough immunity to respond to these molds.

Out of these 24 percent, about 90 percent of people are those who get Mold sickness.

Why are only some people affected?

An inflammatory response caused by mold exposure is basically genetic in nature. The toxins only affect those people whose bodies are unable to respond to them.

The body’s immune system does not respond to some toxins and once these toxins accumulate, they need to be treated.

While some diseases lessen in intensity over time, mold sickness does not. It needs to be treated with medicines otherwise the symptoms keep growing.

How to respond to a Mold illness

The first step to neutralize your situation is to get rid of the mold. Testing and identifying the mold is a crucial initial step.

Once the mold has been located, there are a number of methods to get rid of the mold. Choose whatever is suitable for your mold situation and get rid of the mold.

Furthermore, treating your mold sickness is your priority under such circumstances.

The first step is to make sure you have mold illness; symptoms include:

Mold Sickness Symptoms

If you seem to have these symptoms, you should move on to cure the mold sickness.

The best way to take care of mold sickness at home is Raw Garlic.

2 to 4 grams intake of raw garlic every day can help with the symptoms because garlic is anti-fungal and it helps with toxins imparted by molds.

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