Molds can be found in a home in all sorts of places where you don’t expect it to be. Under mattress and inside air ducts are one of the worst places for mold to grow. This is because you can’t directly see it growing there.

Carpets, however, can indicate the presence of mold, if it is growing on top or even under. If you find mold growing on your carpet, it is important to remove it or have it removed immediately.

You can either choose to do it yourself or you can call in a professional mold remover. It is certainly not easy to remove the mold yourself and it takes a while to do so but it is still much cheaper than having an expert do it for you.

How to Kill Mold in Carpet

Following the steps mentioned below should get your mold problem sorted out really quick.

Wear Protection

As unimportant as it may sound, it is extremely important to wear sufficient protection when dealing with mold.

The reason is that molds carry toxins and if these toxins get in your skin or clothes, or they are inhaled, they can cause serious medical problems.

Medical problems can range from nausea and headaches to lung infections and even cancer. Therefore, be sure to wear rubber gloves, a face mask or some bandana and clothes that don’t expose skin.

Find the Exact Problem

It is important to find out where the mold is and what steps you have to take to remove it. A mold test is usually the best way to go about it.

If mold grows under your carpet, then there is a high chance that the mold also grows somewhere else in the home.

Buy a mold testing kit (it can be bought from a health store); the kit should include a tape that you can apply on different surfaces and send it to a lab for testing.

Based on the result of the tests, you should know where mold is present in the home and an even better way to go about it is to get an air testing kit.

This is usually more expensive, but it is still cheaper than calling in a professional. The air testing kit will sample your air and the sample can then be studied in a lab for results.

Knowing the exact mycotoxin quantities in your house and their location should tell you whether a carpet mold is the only thing you are dealing with or there is more of the problem.

In case of a larger problem, simply cleaning the carpet won’t help and you will need to contact a professional to entirely remediate the mold.

Removing Mold Using Carpet Cleaning Machine

There are a number of ways to remove molds from carpets and all of them more or less work the same way.

Firstly, you will need a carpet cleaning machine. A carpet cleaning machine with regular detergent may remove the mold superficially, but its roots are still inside the porous fabric of the carpet.

You can easily make subtle changes by filling mold removing detergent in your machine to remove the mold all the way down to the roots.

Mold Removing Detergent

An efficient way is to get mold removing detergent and use it in the machine. However, you will need to go and buy this from a convenient store.

An easier way to go about this with domestic products is to mix some dishwashing detergent along with regular carpet shampoo.

This mixture works to kill the mold and it never leaves a stench in the carpet if it has been rinsed and dried properly.

Kill Mold without Carpet Cleaning Machine

You can also remove the mold without a carpet cleaning machine. The process works basically the same way.

Using bleach or Lysol

You need to wash the carpet with an effective agent. You can use bleach or Lysol, measured to one cup in a bucket of water.

Use this solution to thoroughly wash the carpet from the affected area and dry or vacuum out any excess dust and mold.


Once you are done removing the mold, you will have a wet carpet and it is crucial that you dry the carpet thoroughly because a wet fabric will only bring in more molds. So make sure to make it dry as soon as possible.

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