Today’s Topic: “How to Prevent Mold Under Mattress”. Molds can grow almost anywhere, where the conditions are ideal. Ideal conditions are not comprised of much.

The moist and humid environment with enough organic materials are the ideal conditions in which molds not only grow but thrive.

Needless to say, exposure to molds can be very dangerous at times and an important factor here is the time of exposure to molds.

Molds release spores and the more you inhale these spores, the more susceptible you are to getting sick.

Now imagine having mold growing under your mattress without you knowing it. An 8-hour sleep would do you more harm than good on such a mattress.

Is Your Mattress at Risk for Mold?

Molds growing under mattresses are particularly more dangerous because one is more exposed to the spores and for longer times.

It is, therefore, necessary to make sure, first things first, that mold does not grow anywhere near your mattress.

Here are a bunch of things you can do to make sure mold does not grow under your mattress,

Use Dehumidifiers:

Air dehumidifiers simply clear up excess moisture from the air around the room. It is pretty obvious that more moisture makes more room to accommodate molds.

Dehumidifiers can be adjusted to maintain a specific humidity level and in case of mold prevention, the lower the better.

Use Air Purifiers to Prevent Mold Under Mattress:

Air purifiers are best option to clean the air in your room. Spores from a mold somewhere else in the house can increase chances of mold growth under the mattress.

If the air is clean from spores then not only is your mattress safe from mold, you are also safe from diseases.

Furthermore, air purifiers are always a plus because who doesn’t love cleaner healthier air.

Use Latex Mattresses:

Prevent Mold Under Mattress

Some surfaces are simply more prone to mold growth then others and latex is one material that is highly resistant to it.

Latex is naturally resistant to growth against molds and latex mattresses are by far the best protection against molds.

Use Beds that Allow Air Circulation:

Prevent Mold Under Mattress

A bed that allows air circulation helps prevent mold under the mattress. Because it does not allow the underside of the mattress to accumulate moisture.

One way is to have a slatted bed base. It is highly effective and an investment worthwhile because in the longer run, taking care of mold situations is difficult and often expensive.

Another way is to have the air-conditioning running every once in a while. Because close rooms with no ventilation are more susceptible to mold growth.

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