Topic:How to kill mold“. Mold growth around your house can mean multiple health risks and basic medication won’t get you anywhere until you treat the mold.

Analogically speaking, the mold is the disease and the illness are the symptoms. You can’t get rid of the symptoms unless you treat the disease.

If mold is found in your home then it can be a very costly business because mold removal companies, depending on how much is there, can be expensive.

If there is mold growth in profusion in your home, then it is always recommended to get professional help and have the experts remove it. It’s the safest option there is.

Other options include killing mold at home. If done with care and with the proper tools, one can safely kill mold without spending too much.

How to kill mold on wood Floors Ceiling and Walls

Here are a few methods, tried and tested for safely killing mold at home from your wood floors, ceiling, and walls. Always be sure to wear proper gloves and cover your skin before being exposed to mold.

Killing Mold with Ammonia:

How to kill mold

A bottle of ammonia can easily be bought from your local hardware store or the home depot. Have the bottle of ammonia and an absorbent cloth or towel with you.

After suitable protection, which includes opening any nearby windows to allow some ventilation, damp the towel or cloth with the ammonia and dab the mold.

Use ammonia generously and make sure to wipe it off completely. So the ammonia should kill any mold present on the targeted surface.

However, it may not kill roots if the mold is growing on walls or wooden cabinets. Use ammonia to kill molds growing on marble or kitchen sinks.

Killing with Bleach

How to kill mold

Bleach is a very effective agent used for killing molds and it is something used domestically hence one doesn’t even have to spend an extra buck to kill molds using bleach.

Bleach has one drawback, like ammonia, it can’t be used to kill molds whose roots are found in drywall and wood, it can only be used on non-porous surfaces.

Use bleach to kill molds growing on kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and sanitary parts.

Use a combination of 1 gallon of water having 1 cup of bleach. That is, 10 percent dilute solution of water and bleach should be good enough.

Killing Mold with Borax

Create a 10 percent dilute solution of borax and water, that is, 1 cup of borax in 1 gallon of water.

Use a brush and towel and apply the borax solution on the affected surface. After dabbing the surface, be sure to scrape off any remaining mold with the brush.

Borax provides an effective and long-lasting treatment against molds.

Kill Mold with Vinegar:

How to kill mold

Damp a cloth or towel with a vinegar solution and use on any surface where mold is growing. Vinegar also penetrates porous surfaces and can remove mold growth from cabinets and walls as well.

Make a dilute solution of vinegar and water and use it normally on mold surfaces.

After removing the molds, one can also use baking soda to get rid of any stains that seem persistent even after removing with vinegar. hope you get enough material on how to kill mold. Like us, if you find these tips helpful.

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