Mold can be found in almost any place where there is sufficient moisture and organic matter to feed on.

Orange mold is a somewhat rare kind of a mold, but it is still thoroughly found out growing in most homes in the US.

Black and green molds are more common in places that have standing water, leakage, moisture, humidity and plenty of organic matter and orange mold in most cases is found growing next to it.

Unlike black and green mold, it appears as a slime more than as a velvety and powdery form.

Important Things You Need to Know About Orange Mold

Orange mold does not change its color as it matures, unlike black and green mold.

Black mold initiates as a white cotton-like structure that grows in moisture and as it matures, it attains a black color and it solidifies.

Green mold, on the other hand, turns dark green and attains a velvety texture upon maturity.

But orange mold is different. Although it grows next to black and green mold, it attains an orange slimy form and it grows in the form of colonies.

it appears as orange colored spots on your wall, tiles, and bathroom etc.

Health Risks

The good news here is that orange mold is significantly benign in its nature and does not have adverse health effects.

Molds usually propagate to the human body through a medium and this in most cases is in the form of spores in the air.

Can Orange mold make you sick?

If you inhale its spores, there is a high chance that your immune system fights off any allergy.

Moreover, if you have a weak immune system or if you have recently had a health issue which weakened your immunity to toxins, then you might get a respiratory infection or a cough.

Other health risks include sneezing, fungal disease, skin rash, red eyes, runny nose, and asthma.

However, this is not hard to fight off with the right medication and by cutting down your exposure to the mold.

The orange mold may also be found growing inside water taps and faucets. In this case, it can contaminate your drinking water, and this is more direct exposure to the toxins.

In this case, it is highly recommended that you use a water purifier to your drinking water tap to filter the water from any toxins and contaminants.

This also helps remove any other contaminants that your water carries, and it is good practice to filter your drinking water.

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