Mycotoxins come in our body from molds and fungus, today we will discuss Mycotoxins health effects. Molds are fungal species that release spores and if we inhale these spores, the mycotoxins are deposited into our body. There are various types of mycotoxins which are extremely dangerous in any way.

Another way of having fungal toxins in our body is through the food we eat. Crops and plants can be infected by molds and mycotoxins can then be present in our food.

It is therefore pretty straightforward to believe that one can be very vulnerable to mycotoxin poisoning and this can have multiple health risks.

Impact of Mycotoxins on Humans:

The health effects of mycotoxins can range from very subtle and benign to extremely dangerous and alarming.

Under any situation, mycotoxin poisoning should be dealt with seriously and responsibly.

In order to scale its importance, here are a few health effects associated with mycotoxin poisoning,

Carcinogenic; may cause cancer

Mycotoxins present in certain species of molds are dangerous enough to be carcinogenic and they may cause cancer.

These molds mostly affect crops and are indirectly part of our food. It is therefore important to opt for more reliable sources of vegetables.

Fatigue and Headache

Chronic fatigue and persistent headaches are the most common complaint by people affected by mold poisoning.

These symptoms are usually the first to appear and only grow with time if exposure to mycotoxins is not controlled.

Respiratory Infections

Diseases such as respiratory tract infection are a common sign of mold poisoning. Molds release spores and these spores contain mycotoxins.

If inhaled, the spores deposit toxins in the respiratory system and this is a major cause of many respiratory issues.

Furthermore, other respiratory problems can include bleeding lungs as well. People who are exposed to mold spores are most prone to lung diseases, to get secure go for Mycotoxin Testing.
Other respiratory problems can include difficulty breathing and dizziness. Coughing and chest tightening are also common symptoms.


Many people are not immune to most mycotoxins and these people are most likely to catch allergies.

Mycotoxins Health Effects

If care is not taken in time, then the allergies only worsen and aggravate. It is therefore advisable to undergo detoxification if one normally feels symptoms of an allergy they are not used to.


Although it won’t be a problem if there is insignificant exposure to mycotoxins and poisons, asthma is a very likely situation if one generally is exposed a lot to molds.

Asthma can be a problematic and irritating disease that takes a very long time to be cured, hence better safe than sorry, it is always better to get checked if you see a problem coming.

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