There are a lot of hazards considered harmful for home safety of home in all the perspectives. Most people just focus on the deterioration of interior design, fire hazards, and water damage.

Water damage is the most common cause that deteriorates the quality of the building. If any appliance in the home starts leaking out the water. It can cause costly damage to fix due to the leakage of water.

The early detection of water leakage reduces the probability of any severe water damage to the home. Let’s discuss a few of the best water leak detectors available to keep the home water damage-free. These gadgets utilize the latest technology and sensors for the detection of water leakage;

Zircon Leak Detector

This leak detector is a smart app-based device, can be installed at any potential leak point for detection. It’s equally useful for homes and offices.

Stand Out Features

  1. It detects the moisture and sent the digital risk alerts via app notification and email to the user.
  2. Monitors leaks at any potential points, especially the sinks, water geysers, appliances, clothes, and dishwashing gadgets.
  3. It’s a wireless device that works on a rechargeable lithium battery (3V).

Honeywell Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

This leak detector is designed to detect the potential leak points as well as the frozen water pipes that can burst to cause water leak damage. This device can be used to detect leaks at any point such as sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, pumps, and water geysers. It also uses wi-fi technology for the alerts.

Stand Out Features

  1. It can detect the moisture, increase in humidity, frozen pipes, and potential leak points.
  2. It uses app-based technology to send alerts to the user account along with alarms.
  3. It also performs the function of an indoor air quality detector for temperature and humidity monitoring.
  4. It can be installed 4 ft away from the risk point to detect using cable.

Vivint Water Sensor

Vivint water sensors can be used to monitor the temperature, moisture content to detect the leaks. It can also detect the frozen pipes and use wi-fi based interface to configure all settings via a smartphone app.

Stand Out Features

  1. It sends the alert via app notification and audible alarm if detects any leak.
  2. It uses the moisture content and temperature monitoring for the detection of flooding, leakage, and freezing points.
  3. It’s a battery-powered rechargeable gadget with a long durable battery.

Wally Water Leak Detector

This device uses all possible ways of communication and alerts about the leakage such as email, phone call, text message, and app notification alert.

For monitoring freezing points, the threshold of minimum temperature can be set to detect along with the water leaks.

Stand Out Features

  1. This gadget detects water leakage, freezing points, temperature, and moisture content.
  2. It uses a dashboard interface to display all the settings and real-time information of set parameters.
  3. Use multiple ways to alert the user about risk realization.

Above are a few of the best gadgets, used as a preventive approach towards protecting the home from potential damage that water leakage and flooding may cause.

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