Today’s topic: “Removing Mold from Leather”, Mold can be quite an issue at times and can grow almost anywhere where there are enough moisture and organic matter for it to feed on.

Although mold usually grows in the bathroom near the shower and drain, kitchens, walls and other places that are exposed to a lot of moisture.

However, the leather on your shoes or your furniture is equally susceptible to mold growth if it has been exposed to sufficient moisture.

Tips to Remove Mold from Leather Accessories:

Here are some simple ways with which you can remove mold from almost any leather surface.

Using Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is often quite effective against the mild amount of mold growing on leather. Apply some petroleum jelly on a side of the leather first.

This lets you see the results before applying it to the whole leather. This is because the petroleum jelly may affect the color of the leather or suede.

If it works, then you can use it to remove the entire mold.

Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is usually more effective than Vaseline but it can also affect the color or texture of the leather upon applying.

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If your mold condition is pretty bad, then rubbing alcohol should fit the bill. Dab the alcohol on a towel or an absorbent cloth preferably.

Rub off the mold but first, test it on a corner where decoloring won’t be noticeable. You wouldn’t want to ruin the whole thing so better not take chances.

Final Steps

Once the mold has been removed successfully, you cannot put the material back to where it belongs immediately.

A wet leather surface or suede will grow more mold on, be sure to let the material dry properly.

If it’s a shoe, put in in an airy room or leave it outside. However, avoid putting the leather material directly under the sun, it may get damaged.

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