Mold grows almost anywhere as long as conditions are favorable. With a significant amount of humidity and moisture along with an organic matter to feed on, mold can grow almost anywhere.

Remove Mold on Common Household Items

Here are some common household items on which mold can grow and how you can remove it conveniently,

Mold on Toys

Kids play with toys in the most carefree manner and a toy can very often be found wet with water or saliva.

In such a case, the mold may very easily be found growing on or inside toys. If you find that the inside of your child’s toy is darkening or it smells foul, you may want to wash and dry it properly to get off any mold.

Remove Mold on Bathroom Products

Items such as mats and shower curtains found in the bathroom are susceptible to mold because of exposure to moisture.

Bathroom Mold Removal

It is therefore advised to clean them with vinegar or commercial mold removal sprays if you suspect any mold.

Get Rid of Mold on Furniture

Fabricated furniture and wooden one too can be affected by mold and the best way to remove it is to take it out in the sun.

Remove Mold on Furniture

Then you can brush off the mold, either with a vinegar diluted solution or ammonia.

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