Walls can absorb moisture and the insulation and paint provide sufficient organic matter for mold to grow.

Therefore, if you live in a water-damaged building or there is some leakage around your house then walls are very susceptible to mold to grow on them.

Molds can have some very catastrophic health effects as well as benign ones, however, a safe side is to remove the mold as soon as it has been identified.

Removing mold from walls is not a tough business, here are a few basic steps and you should be good to go,

Step 1 Using Bleach And Water Mixture:

Create a chlorine-bleach solution with 25% chlorine-bleach and 75% water. If you find this hard you may also use a domestic detergent that has bleach.

Bleach is meant to keep the color of the wall consistent and remove any marks left by the mold.

Step 2 Use Towel or Brush:

Use a stiff brush or a towel to brush off the mold with the solution. Be sure to remove it completely.

Step 3 Let the Wall Dry:

Dry the wall properly, because a wet wall can catch mold more easily.

A dehumidifying machine works best but you can also use a fan to dry the wall.

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