Topic: “Remove Mold from Clothes“, Fabrics and clothes can very easily be a convenient place for mold to grow. This is because they absorb moisture and provide a favorable place for mold to thrive.

If you place a partially wet garment in the closet such you don’t take it out for a while, it can most probably catch mold.

Moreover, wardrobes are dark, cool and enclosed places where mold are very common.

If you have a closet that is built into the wall, then simply drying clothes properly does not solve the problem.

This is because there might be a leakage or seepage due to a leakage somewhere away and the water may travel.

Remove Mold from Clothes

In this situation, the wall grows mold on it and this is transferred on to the clothes.

How To Get Mold & Mildew Out Of Clothes

Mold growing on clothes is fairly easy to remove, you can follow the following steps to remove mold from clothes.

Step 1

Consider which agent you will be using, you can choose to use borax or vinegar. These are domestically available products, but they leave a smell on the clothes.

You can either choose to wash the clothes again with regular detergent to get rid of the odor or you can be on the safer side and use mold removing detergent.

Mold removing detergent is commercially available and it removes mold from clothes in a wash.

Simply load the washing machine with the affected clothes and put mold removing detergent in the machine.

You can then wash the clothes normally.

Step 2

After you have washed the clothes, look all over them to see if any mold remains. It is necessary that the mold is completely removed.

This is because even a small amount left behind can grow again.

Step 3

You next have to make sure that the garment is completely dry before you put it back in. A wet garment will catch mold again.

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