Air quality monitoring is important to be monitored everywhere either its open space, home, or office environment. If a person wants to protect his family from the toxins and pollutants present in the air.

Research shows that approx. 96% of homes have one out of many major air quality issues. Here is presenting some of the best indoor air quality monitoring devices. These are used to monitor and generally alters on dangerous levels as per standards. These devices can monitor CO and CO2, also display information about the temperature and R.H levels. Some advanced devices have built-in purifiers as well.

The reason for poor air quality can be anything from dust to toxin emission from the building materials and household cleaning agents. High levels of humidity can also be the cause of the problem. Most of the people are unaware of the problem. Few of the best products for monitoring air quality monitoring are;

IQAir AirVisual Pro:

It uses artificial intelligence and the latest laser technology for monitoring indoor air quality in real-time. It provides the most precise and accurate results about toxins and pollutants. It also provides a comparison with the outside air quality. It has a user-friendly interface, provides data of 6 pollutants and designed to meet best medical practices.

Breathe Smart:

It’s a small size handy device used for reliable and precise measurement of indoor air quality. It works on a battery that can be charged over C type USB. It provides a professional tip for reducing the pollutants. It can store 30 readings and provides a touch screen interface.

GermGuardian Smart:

It contains filters for the purification of indoor air along with the monitoring. It provides all the data on the android app and records multiple readings. It filters dust, pollens and household odors.

TemTop M2000C:

This device is a remote size handy tool for the measurement of indoor and outdoor air quality. Its accuracy is relatable to pro instruments. Utilize large color display with six hours long battery life.


It provides alerts when air quality reaches the dangerous level for different types of pollutants such as temperature, humidity, dust, and CO2. It utilizes a mobile app interface to present graphical data about air quality and show different colors for different statuses of air quality.


This app also monitors air quality for the same pollutants and toxins as mentioned for Awair. This app provides different color coding for the status of air quality and indicates the steps needs to improve the indoor air quality. It can measure the air quality for quite a large place as well, but accuracy decrease as distance increases.

This device is very useful for monitoring the air quality in all aspects along with smoke detection. It utilizes different technologies to monitor air quality and smoke detection. It uses humidity alarm to avoid false alarms. It precisely monitors the CO and CO2 quality.

There are a lot of different devices in the market for monitoring indoor air quality, but we have to bring a few of the best gadgets for monitoring especially the indoor air quality more precisely and accurately.

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