Answer:If a house is water damaged or has a leakage somewhere, then mold can be a very common nuisance.

Molds need moisture and humidity to start growing and need organic matter to thrive. If you live in a humid environment with lots of rain, then you should see mold, not as a surprise.

Bathrooms are normally where water stands and the accessories present inside a bathroom often catch mold.

If mold has been found and identified in your then it may or may not be a very big issue but the safest and most advised step to take is to remove it as soon as possible.

Most people tend to remove mold at home firstly because of it much cheaper than professional mold removal which starts from $600.

Secondly, it is less of a trouble to remove it quickly at home.

Vinegar is a very efficient agent for removing mold.

How to Kill Mold with Vinegar

It is a fairly simple process to remove mold using vinegar. Here are some simple steps to follow and you should be over with your mold problem in no time,

Step 1

Create a vinegar and water solution. It should a 50/50 solution, half water and half vinegar. Create a sufficient amount to kill all the mold present.

Step 2

Soak an absorbent cloth such as a towel and wipe off the mold. You can also use a stiff brush to remove it from surfaces such as walls or tiles.

Step 3

Dry the area, you can either fan it or dehumidify it using a dehumidifier. A more efficient way to ensure no further growth is to keep the area dry.

You can leave the exhaust turned on until your bathroom dries completely.

Furthermore, if the mold leaves a stain on the tiles or sink, you can use bleach to remove all stains.

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