Mold is a common household nuisance and can very often be found growing in the house.

Apart from just being the apparent problem that it is, mold can also be dangerous.

Quite often, the mold is not extremely dangerous because the mycotoxins present in the mold are somewhat benign.

Moreover, in some cases, the mycotoxins may be carcinogenic or dangerous enough to even cause death.

That is completely dependent on the exposure and the type of the mold but if you have identified mold, it is extremely important you get rid of it immediately.

There are numerous ways to get rid of mold at home and you may not have to call for professional help.

Professional mold removal starts from $600 and goes up to $30,000. If a situation can be managed at home, you should be inclined towards getting it done at home.

Not only is it cheap but also less of a hassle. Many people attempt to remove mold at home using bleach, but this doesn’t always work.

Bleach is an agent that is only meant to remove stains and bleach only kills mold on non-porous surfaces.

Therefore, it is not the best approach to handle mold at home using bleach.

What to use instead?

Bleach is a part of many other mold removal agents because mold can leave a stain on the object that it grows on.

You can use a vinegar solution to remove the mold (kill the mold) and you can then use bleach to remove mold stains from the surface.

This is because vinegar penetrates porous surfaces as well and kills mold effectively.

Another way is to use a chlorine-bleach solution that kills the mold and removes stains, or you can use bleach-based detergents for walls and larger porous surfaces.

Therefore, bleach simply aids the process of mold removal and does not entirely fix the problem on its own.

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