Mold grows around the home and almost any place where conditions are ideal. Mold is basically a species of the fungal kingdom.

This means that mold can or cannot come with toxic spores and the consequences of the toxic exposure depend on the type of mold.

Toxic Mold Sickness and Poisoning

Most molds are very benign and do not do much. The red mold, for example, it is used to ferment edibles and vine and it is relatively harmless.

However, some mold can be extremely harmful. Although the consequences of mold exposure also depend on the immunity of the person, the mycotoxins present in the mold play a huge part.

Some molds have toxic content that is carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Although this mold is relatively rare, it is found to be growing in a number of homes, especially basements.

But this kind of mycotoxin does not necessarily mean death, sometimes even some relatively less harmful types of mold can cause death.

This happens when there are prolonged exposure and no medication. Sometimes, mold might be growing under the mattress and this is a particularly dangerous situation.

This is because the exposure is highly prolonged.

Therefore, the mold may or may not kill you and that mostly depends on the type of mold and most importantly the length and intensity of the exposure.


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