Topic: “Mold Attorney San Diego”. Molds are common household problems that aren’t just hard to deal with, often dangerous and expensive to handle as well.

While molds and mycotoxin injuries can cause multiple health risks, and some even as intense as cancer and death, it is always important to have contingencies and accountability.

San Diego is a large city and has a number of mold lawyers, here are a few, reputed to be some of the best mold attorneys.

Mold Attorney San Diego

San Diego Toxic Mold Exposure Lawyer:


Contact Info:619-908-1328

Address: 1230 Columbia Street Ste. 930 San Diego, CA 92101

The company is known as one of best mold attorney San Diego, and is 30 years mature and specializes in resolving legal issues after serious accidents.

Initial consultation here is also free and helps customers gain an idea of what they’re looking for. The company ensures maximum financial compensation in case of monetary loss.

Consumer Enquiry

Contact info:

The company has a solid reputation for successfully serving 2.5 million happy customers since 2015.

Although it’s a relatively new company, they have some very skilled lawyers trained to solve problems that arise from injuries and death.

Mold Attorney San Diego

Nield Law Group, APC

Contact Info: 760-895-2090

Address: Westlake ProfessionalCenter, 679 Encinitas Blvd, Suite 201, Encinitas, CA 92024.

Started as a husband and wife company, the Nield Law group has successfully worked on numerous accidents involving personal injury.

The company also allows free consultation to give a head about a personal injury accident and how they can help.

For more information and for raising a lawsuit, you can visit

Business Law Group, LLC

Contact Info: 760-469-9502

Address: 5946 Priestly Avenue #102, Carlsbad, CA 92008

The company specializes in helping customers suffering from injuries related to mold exposure.

The business also offers a free consultation to customers being a big plus for those who are not sure how, to begin with resolving their issue.


Contact Info: 1-800-843-5292

The law firm does not particularly specialize in mold injuries, but it is a well reputed and successful legal service provider. Mold injuries can be dealt with just as well in some cases. also renown in a field of personal injury mold attorney.

The company has a huge plus of only charging you if you win the trial. Unlike other firms that offer discounts in case of a weak trial, this company is a very strong competitor.

Another plus is that the company provides a 24-hour service and 365 days a year. Hence if you’re running into legal problems on a Sunday, you can totally resort to the law firm.

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